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Israel's Holy Moedim

And Their Prophetic Significance Today

by Peter Sammons

Code / ISBN: 9780992667450
Available from : Glory to Glory Publications
Format: 169pp,
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The Moedim are set forth in Leviticus as G-d's appointed “holy convocations” or “assemblies”. How does modern Jewish practice reflect G-d's exacting requirements?

Is there a deeper interconnected theme running between and within G-d's Moedim?

Explored in this book:-

  • Is Passover one unified encounter or should it be reflected precisely as Leviticus instructs?
  • Does Atonement as practiced today obscure G-d's deeper plan?
  • How is it possible to reconcile modern practice with the demands of the Tenach?
  • How do the key covenants expressed in Genesis, Exodus, 2 Samuel and Jeremiah relate to each other? Is there a unifying theme?


This book explores fundamental questions that require a considered answer. Recommended for all who seriously want to understand the demands of Leviticus as they impact us today.

“Israel's Holy Moedim” makes considerable use of simple diagrams to develop its themes.


Peter Sammons - a UK based author and publisher, whose books include “The Prince of Peace” and “The Empty Promise of Godism”. He has a reputation reducing sometimes complicated theological themes to concepts that we can all relate to.

The Market:

General readers. Jewish readers interested in the instructions of Leviticus and Genesis. Useful for both personal and group study.

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