Welcome to Phileo Yeshua Friends!

This web resource aims to help its visitors to better understand Jesus in His Hebrew context - remembering that Jesus lived, died, and was raised again as a Torah observant Jew. This surely is no coincidence. So what are we to make of Jesus' Jewishness and how does it (or should it) speak to us today?

There is little doubt that the broad Christian church today is changing - and not always for the better! As worldly influences bear-in upon the church, so the church can respond in only one of two ways: either become more like the World, which seeks to enforce its own agenda, or become a more distinctive witness to the biblical Gospel.

It is the belief of the team that runs this web resource that a deeper understanding of the Hebrew roots of the Christian faith can only strengthen it as the church faces its future in a decidedly post-Christian context.

This website is managed by Peter Sammons, who wrote "The Birth of Christ" in 2006; "The Empty Promise" (about the multifaith agenda) in 2009; "One Flesh - what Jesus teaches about love, relationships, marriage and a lot more ...." in 2012. Peter works closely with others in the Christian church who have a love of Jesus and a vision of God's ongoing purposes for the Jewish people.

A technical point .....

For those for whom these things matter (!!) here at PYF we do not hold a dispensational viewpoint or understanding of God's revelation of His purposes. This does not make us "anti" as we understand how some people reach this viewpoint, however it is not one that we share. We recognize that many of the excesses of zeal for a certain understanding of end-times is rooted in adaptations of dispensational theology, so it is helpful for Friends to know we do not share this approach or understanding.

One word that our Lord Jesus never heard in His life!

This may come as a surprise to many, but our Lord Jesus never in His life heard the word ....... Jesus. This is just an English translation of a Latin translation of a Greek translation of His Hebrew name - which is Yeshua. Why is it that the church that bears His name, generally refuses to use the name by which their Lord would have been known by His mother, Miriyam?

Is this just an incidental? Does it matter? How does recognizing our Lord in his Jewish context help us to become better witnesses and better disciples?

We invite you to explore Yeshua in that Jewish context and remain confident that you will come to love our Saviour all the more for having taken the trouble to explore Him in this way.

It is these questions we begin to explore in this website. We wish you blessings in His precious name as you explore.